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28 Apr

Daryl Braithwaite launches upgraded Spleen Australia website


Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite is using a deeply personal experience to highlight the work of Spleen Australia.

As the Melbourne-based, but internationally known front man for iconic Australian band Sherbet in the 70s, Daryl has been without his spleen since 2016.

He knows only too well the health challenges faced by people without a spleen.

Away from rapturous acclaim whenever he performs the hit The Horses – which is also one of the most played songs at weddings around the world – Daryl has signed up as the patron of Spleen Australia.

And Daryl is using his knowledge of the impact of losing a spleen to help promote Spleen Australia’s newly revamped website.

Daryl’s spleen had to be removed in 2016 as a result of a gastric problem.

“Sometimes I think some of us in the music industry live in a bubble,” Daryl said when recalling the time when he fell ill having not faced any health issues in the past.

Daryl said it was scary going to the doctor and he was dreading the worse diagnosis. Fortunately, he didn’t have cancer, but the diagnosis was still serious, requiring surgery.

He felt the care he got in hospital was fantastic, especially from the doctors and nurses.

Health is very important to Daryl who wants to be around for his son Oscar.

Spleen Australia, based at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, helps people of all ages who do not have a functioning spleen by assisting them reduce their chances of getting a bacterial infection or other potentially serious complications.

Anyone who registers with Spleen Australia is provided with information about how to avoid infections and have access to a health information line.

Since the operation back in 2016 the now 71-year-old Braithwaite has been enjoying good health and continues to do all he can for bushfire victims.

And of course Daryl also wants to support people who do not have a functioning spleen by using his own story and experience to guide them towards maintaining ongoing good health.

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