What are the current recommendations?

  1. Education of patient
    1. a. to recognise an ensuing bacterial infection and the importance of seeking medical review
      b. to know what strategies are available to reduce the occurrence of severe infections
  2. Immunisations against specific bacterial infections
  3. Antibiotics as directed by your doctor

See here for medical recommendations for adults

See here for medical recommendations for children

See here for medical recommendations for splenic artery embolisation

Who can join the program?

Patients who live in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland who have had a splenectomy or a diagnosis of a non-functioning spleen are eligible to register with the Spleen Australia service. We are hoping to expand to other states.

How can I register with Spleen Australia?

Before registering please read the patient information sheet first - see here


  1. Yourself
    Victorians and Tasmanians and Queenslanders who are registering themselves can do so online here
  2. As a guardian/parent
    Victorians, Tasmanians and Queenslanders Yes. It is the same process as registering yourself.
  3. As a health care professional
    Victorians, Tasmanians and Queenslanders your treating health team can register their patients on-line.
  4. If you live in Queenslanders your health care professionals can refer you to the service.
  5. As an interpreter for a patient or a guardian for someone who lacks capacity to consent
    Victorians, Tasmanians and Queenslanders Please contact Spleen Australia


  • Victorians, Tasmanians and Queenslanders download a registration form here

How will I find out about any new developments?

  • Any new development or updates will be posted on the front page of our website.
  • You and your GP should also check our medical recommendations section regularly see here for link to our annual newsletter

Who do I contact if I have any queries?

  • If you wish to speak to someone about this service or
  • If you are unsure of any part of registering especially completing the vaccination section, please contact us.

See here for contact details