Spleen-IE Quick Reference Guide

How to use the Spleen-IE app

My Vaccine Schedule: Lists the vaccinations that are required for you to be up to date and the dates when these vaccines are due (dates are in RED).

My Vaccine History: Lists the vaccines that you have had (dates are in GREEN).

Dates listed for booster doses are based on the date of previous dose received. If you have had your vaccine(s) later than suggested on App or on your Spleen Australia report please discuss this matter with your GP or Spleen Australia.

Children: This App is focussed on adults. We have not included paediatric medical advice. However, you are able to enter the dates of the spleen vaccines your child has received.​

Record Vaccine: Allows you to add Dr/nurse name, clinic name and the date of the vaccine.

Information: Gives you information on each of the vaccines and extra facts/recommendations by the Spleen Australia team. Provides you with information in relation to each vaccine and additional facts/recommendations by the Spleen Australia team.

Set Alert: Allows you to set a reminder alert on this App for when your vaccines are due.​ The options are 1-7 days. The default setting is 7 days. By selecting the dropdown you can set the alert to the number of days and before/after each vaccine. An email address must be on record with Spleen Australia to receive the alert.

FAQ: If you have any issues with the App, this section will guide you on how to fix the issue and who to contact.

Rate: Rate the App that you are using by commenting and adding your satisfaction stars 1 to 5. 1 is the lowest rating and 5 is the best. We encourage you to do this, as many times as you like, so that we can understand how the App is working.

Logging In

Enter your Spleen ID and Date of Birth

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Vaccine Schedule

Shows the list of vaccinations that you are scheduled for
(dates are in RED).

When you have a vaccine, select the date and enter the date you had it.

If you have the information, you can also enter the doctor and clinic details.

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Vaccine History

You can see the vaccines you have received in the past on this App

WARNING: This may not be your full history.

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Vaccine Alerts

Vaccine Alerts

You can set an email reminder for vaccines that are due

The alert can be set to up to 7 days before or after a vaccine date is due.

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