Our Mission

Spleen Australia aims to prevent serious infections in people without a functioning spleen by informing people of the many strategies to reduce these infections.

S – source expert recommendations and advice

P – prevent sepsis (infection) with education and vaccine/antibiotic recommendations

L – lead research projects

E – educational resources provided for patients and their families

E – engage regularly with our patients

N – nurses available to support and advise patients and GPs

Patient testimonials

‘I was registered with Spleen Australia over 11 years ago after suffering from a splenic tumour and subsequent splenectomy. Not only is it a great comfort to have a professional source of education and resources, but the warm guidance and support offered by the team is always exemplary. A wonderful service, thank you.’ Julia, registered with Spleen Australia since 2009.

‘Great to see that there is assistance and support for those without a functioning spleen. I lost mine in 1978 and it is still difficult to find medical advice about this condition – thank you, thank you, thank you, Spleen Australia.’  Luke, registered with Spleen Australia since 2015.

‘Spleen Australia wowed me from my first contact with their service. In the midst of my diagnosis, surgery and treatment, the team took the time to provide detailed advice about living without a functioning spleen. I am extraordinarily impressed with this service.’  Peter, registered with Spleen Australia since 2020.

‘This service is much appreciated and makes me feel a little less apprehensive about living life without a spleen!’  Angela, registered with Spleen Australia since 2021.