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08 May

Annual Influenza Vaccine Information

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It’s time to get your yearly Influenza vaccine (Flu shot).

Annual vaccination is the most important way to prevent influenza and its complications. Influenza vaccination is recommended for all people aged ≥6 months.

Spleen Australia and ATAGI recommend the yearly influenza vaccine for individuals with immunocompromising conditions and are FREE for all people living without a functioning spleen.  Annual vaccination should ideally occur before the onset of each influenza season. The period of peak influenza circulation is typically June to September in most parts of Australia. Please click on the link for the full ATAGI statement.

The Influenza vaccine can be given at the same time as COVID-19 and other Spleen vaccines. Please check with your GP to see if you are due for any ‘spleen vaccines’.

For other great resources that answers many important questions about the Influenza vaccine, see the information resourses below.

Information resources

Australian Government Department of Health

Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisations (ATAGI) Clinical Advice Feb 2024

The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance provides information on the most frequently asked questions on the Influenza vaccine.

The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre (MVEC) influenza vaccine recommendations

Last updated 08/05/2024

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