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08 Jan

Spleen Australia celebrates 20 years


Spleen Australia recognised two decades of work today with Daryl Braithwaite and Brian Nankervis coming along to The Alfred to help mark the occasion. 

Speaking at the event, Department of Infectious Diseases Director Anton Peleg acknowledged the success of the clinical service. 

“Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Spleen Australia. It’s growing every year, and there is still so much left to do,” said Anton. 

Infectious Diseases Unit Deputy director Denis Spelman, who helped establish the registry/clinical service, spoke about the journey of Spleen Australia. 

“Spleen Australia has had an impact on so many people, not just those people without a functioning spleen,” said Denis. 

Spleen Australia began in 2002 when a young woman at the Alfred Health died from pneumococcal sepsis. The ICU and medical team felt that if she and her parents knew how to detect and prevent sepsis this young woman would still be alive today. 

“Part of the success has been detecting that there was a need and chasing the resources to build something like this,” said Denis. 

“But we are not there yet – we want to be able to completely prevent sepsis in this particular group.  “I want to say a heartfelt thanks – not just to the patient groups but to everyone who has been involved.” 

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