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13 Jul

Spleen Australia welcomes Western Australia


L to R: Dr Clare Huppatz; Sanchita Gera; Penny Jones; Sam Gibbings; Sharon O’Brien

Penny Jones and Sharon O’Brien in June 2023 travelled to Western Australia to introduce Spleen Australia’s clinical service to WA health professionals and patients. Penny and Sharon presented at the Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference (CDIC). They gave numerous presentations to clinicians at a variety of WA hospitals.

Spleen Australia is looking forward to working with WA patients. To register please click on the registration button on our website’s main menu bar.

L to R: Associate Professor Asha Bowen; Sharon O’Brien (Spleen Australia Nurse Co-ordinator); Penny Jones (Spleen Australia Manager); Dr Hannah Gooding and Dr Christopher Blyth

Last updated 13/07/2023

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